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you're so cute when you're slurring your speech

Been a long time since an actual update, hasn't it?

I've had a really, really nice weekend/week so far. So, why not recap.

Friday night Mindy had to work, so I didn't do much of anything. I drove around for most of the night, and then watched some TV. Luckily she came over after work, which was very nice of her.

Saturday was really fun. Mindy, Jimmy, Mel and Bob came over and we all just hung out, played video games and shit, and wathced the Family Guy movie - fucking hilarious, I must say.

Sunday was the Foo Fighters / Weezer concert (aka Foozer). That was amazing! Wow, what a great show! Weezer really did an amazing job. Every memeber of the band sang a different song during the night, my favorite being Pat Wilson (drummer) singing "Photograph," and then taking the guitar solo and turing it into "Song 2" by Blur. Pretty sweet. They also covered "Big Me" by the Foos. Damn, what an awesome show! Foo Fighters were really good too, but not as memorable (to me) as the Weezer part of the show..

There was a guy next to us at the show.. and I swear to god we could not tell if he was drunk, retarded, or a bit of both. He was dancing around, going completely apeshit the entire time, almost hitting people with his flailing limbs. Whatever he was, it was interesting.

Monday evening Mindy surprised me after work with a present. She bought me a flippin' Nintendo DS! Holy shit, is that ever neat! I really don't deserve that, but damn is it nice. She makes me so happy, I'm a very lucky person. I picked up a few new games for it today. It's really awesome!

Today .. well, Thursday, I came home and slept from like 6pm till Midnight - how the hell does happen? It was a nice sleep, but what a waste of a night, I tells ya.

Work has been.. well work. Isn't every job pretty shitty? There are some days I enjoy it, but lately I just can't stand it and all of the bullshit that comes with it. I just hope once we re-grand open as a supercenter on November 9th things will start to get back to normal. Yeeeeaaaah... right.

Less than a month until Sith comes out and DVD...

Well, that is all from me. I think we are doing something for Jimmy's B-Day this weekend, I'm very excited for that. Hope you had a great birthday Jimmy!
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