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i'll be the husband with a book for a bride

Bored as all hell, so I figure I might as well do an update.

Work continues to get worse and worse. To paraphrase Office Space, "Since I started working, every single day has been worse than the day before.. so that every day you see me is the worst day of my life." I actually do have eight (or more) bosses, so when I do screw something up, I have eight different people telling me about it.

Anyway.. I just hope work will get better in a few weeks, after the remodel is done and we grand open. Right now we have managers giving us three to four (if not five) days of notes that they expect to get done in half a day. Then they get pissed that it isn't done. I leave everyday with a feeling that I didn't get anything done that I wanted to, and that I'll get yelled at the next day for shit I didn't get done.

Alright, enough about work. I should go do something productive. I haven't done anything tonight besides lay in bed. I think I might go drive around or something, maybe get some dinner. Yeah, that sounds pretty pretty good.

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