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[16 Jan 2011|05:15pm]

Is this thing on?

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take your space and your stupid reasons [22 Nov 2006|02:41am]
[ mood | blah ]

It's 2:30 in the morning, and I'm tired as hell, but I have to wait for my laundry to get done so I can sleep. What better way to kill some time then by writing a blog. This whole not having a new Nintendo thing really sucks. I've been looking forward to it for a very long time, and I got nada. As sad as it is to say, but after the whole break up deal in September, that was one thing that kept me going - knowing that soon I'll be getting one. Now of course, after I get one, I have nothing else to looking forward to - so it's all downhill from here.

Why is it, that when I meet a girl that actually might like me and find me attractive enough to the point where we could maybe go on a date.. she has a boyfriend? It's confusing, I think she's really cool, and she seems to dig me - but then there is that whole factor, so it's like forget it. I'm just leading myself on. Is there any single girls out there that actually like me? Anyone..? Bueller..?

Then I ask myself: am I ready to date someone, or at least go on a date? Maybe. I think it would help a little at least. Who knows. Just need to find someone that is willing - which is hard, because I'm not one to just go up and start talking to a girl.

Maybe I'm just jumping the gun and should just stay single.. but I miss being with someone, so it's hard. It's not like I have an option here, so I'm not really going to worry about it too much, so single it is.

Okay, bed time. Thanks for listening.

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i've had enough of the world, and its people's mindless games. [16 Nov 2006|08:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So my parents are in Vegas right now, and they won't be back until Saturday night. I used to enjoy times when they'd be gone for a few days, but now I can't stand it. I just feel so alone. At least when they are here, if even downstairs, I didn't feel like this so much. The comfort of knowing someone else is here, I suppose. I don't know. Sometimes I think I'm totally okay with everything that's been going on in my life, and then there are times like these when I just feel like crap. I feel lost, I don't know what the hell I'm doing in my life and I just want someone to hold me and tell me everything is going to be okay. But I don't have that, and I seriously doubt I'm going to have that anytime soon, so I just have to deal with this by myself. People always tell you after a breakup or whatever that things are going to be alright, and you'll find someone new and yadda yadda yadda. But I just look at myself and go, "yeah, right." I'm a giant nerd with a bedroom filled with too many action figures and movies... and a futon. What girl is going to want someone like that. Sometimes I get so tempted to just take everything in there and throw it away and start over, but I can never quite bring myself to do it. I am who I am, and I can't and won't try to change who I am. If that means I'm living alone all my life with 30 cats, then so be it. That stuff is who I am.

It's only like 8:30. Geez. I wish I had something to do, or better yet, someone to hang out with. Just to watch a movie with, or sit and talk. I'm down for whatever. Sometimes I think I need to just pack up and move somewhere far away, and maybe that'll help me get past this shit that's bringing me down. Thank god for friends, that's all I have to say. They've all been here for me, and I am so thankful for that. This has been really, really, really hard for me, and if they weren't around I honestly don't know what I'd do.

Anyway, moral of the story: being home alone sucks, just like in said movie. I'm going to get a cocktail or two. Laters.

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"but if you won't, then you won't" [03 Nov 2006|12:23am]
[ mood | blah ]

Wow, livejournal. Been awhile. How's everyone?

I wrote about a novel-size entry, but I didn't post it. No point in boring people with that stuff - you know, my thoughts, feelings, etc. Actually it's not that at all. I just couldn't bring myself to keep it. Why can I never say what I truly want to? Fear, I suppose.

Anyways, just thought I'd drop a note to anyone who still is on here, say hello - it's been too long. I'll try to update a bit more often. Drop a comment or something.

Anybody else think that "Dingo" is a funny word? Why can't it just be called a wild dog? Why "Dingo?"

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[13 Nov 2005|11:45pm]

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[13 Nov 2005|02:37am]
[ mood | amused ]

Oh, the funny things that can happen five minutes from my house.

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i'll be the husband with a book for a bride [28 Oct 2005|10:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Bored as all hell, so I figure I might as well do an update.

Work continues to get worse and worse. To paraphrase Office Space, "Since I started working, every single day has been worse than the day before.. so that every day you see me is the worst day of my life." I actually do have eight (or more) bosses, so when I do screw something up, I have eight different people telling me about it.

Anyway.. I just hope work will get better in a few weeks, after the remodel is done and we grand open. Right now we have managers giving us three to four (if not five) days of notes that they expect to get done in half a day. Then they get pissed that it isn't done. I leave everyday with a feeling that I didn't get anything done that I wanted to, and that I'll get yelled at the next day for shit I didn't get done.

Alright, enough about work. I should go do something productive. I haven't done anything tonight besides lay in bed. I think I might go drive around or something, maybe get some dinner. Yeah, that sounds pretty pretty good.


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[09 Oct 2005|11:00pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

R.I.P. Mondo Gecko, the little green anole. You'll be missed buddy.

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you're so cute when you're slurring your speech [07 Oct 2005|12:17am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Been a long time since an actual update, hasn't it?

I've had a really, really nice weekend/week so far. So, why not recap.

Friday night Mindy had to work, so I didn't do much of anything. I drove around for most of the night, and then watched some TV. Luckily she came over after work, which was very nice of her.

Saturday was really fun. Mindy, Jimmy, Mel and Bob came over and we all just hung out, played video games and shit, and wathced the Family Guy movie - fucking hilarious, I must say.

Sunday was the Foo Fighters / Weezer concert (aka Foozer). That was amazing! Wow, what a great show! Weezer really did an amazing job. Every memeber of the band sang a different song during the night, my favorite being Pat Wilson (drummer) singing "Photograph," and then taking the guitar solo and turing it into "Song 2" by Blur. Pretty sweet. They also covered "Big Me" by the Foos. Damn, what an awesome show! Foo Fighters were really good too, but not as memorable (to me) as the Weezer part of the show..

There was a guy next to us at the show.. and I swear to god we could not tell if he was drunk, retarded, or a bit of both. He was dancing around, going completely apeshit the entire time, almost hitting people with his flailing limbs. Whatever he was, it was interesting.

Monday evening Mindy surprised me after work with a present. She bought me a flippin' Nintendo DS! Holy shit, is that ever neat! I really don't deserve that, but damn is it nice. She makes me so happy, I'm a very lucky person. I picked up a few new games for it today. It's really awesome!

Today .. well, Thursday, I came home and slept from like 6pm till Midnight - how the hell does happen? It was a nice sleep, but what a waste of a night, I tells ya.

Work has been.. well work. Isn't every job pretty shitty? There are some days I enjoy it, but lately I just can't stand it and all of the bullshit that comes with it. I just hope once we re-grand open as a supercenter on November 9th things will start to get back to normal. Yeeeeaaaah... right.

Less than a month until Sith comes out and DVD...

Well, that is all from me. I think we are doing something for Jimmy's B-Day this weekend, I'm very excited for that. Hope you had a great birthday Jimmy!

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stolen from jimmy [18 Sep 2005|04:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

movie surveyCollapse )

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[11 Aug 2005|12:52am]
[ mood | tired ]

So I'm watching "Modern Marvels" on The History Channel - good, good show. This episode is about lubricants and such - ie WD-40. It's interesting stuff. Even more interesting is the title of this episode: Modern Marvels: Lube Job. (The announcer just said "We now return to Lube Job on Modern Marvels!")

They had a bit of trivia before commerical break - in 1992 Denver firefighters got a naked burglar out of a 14-inch pipe by using WD-40.

Ahh I'm easily amused. Time for bed, goodnight.

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no post on sundays [25 Jul 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Directions: Type "(your name) is," with the quotes, into a Google search then pick out your favorite 10 responses. Copy, then repost your responses:

..Rick is leading the fight in Jefferson City to preserve the sanctity of your family dining hour.
..Rick is not dead. Rick is very much alive and will continue to be that way for quite some time now.(This one is about Rick Moranis, hahahah..)
..rick is sick
..Rick is for children ages 7 and up.
..Rick is the only name that you need to know for entertainment.
..Rick is well known for his rich and versatile singing voice.
..Rick is in a wheelchair that Dick is pushing.
..Rick is a curious beast: not entirely attractive, yet able to hold your attention with his stately bearing and imposing intellect.
..Rick is screwing the Pennsylvania Tax Payers!
..Rick is "Wanker of the Day!"

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this shirt is 'dry clean only' which means.. it's dirty [12 Jun 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Current Location:minnesota
Eye Color:brown
Hair Color:brown
Right Handed or Left Handed:righty
Your Heritage:norwegian, irish, dutch, native american, italian.. a lot..
The Shoes You Wore Today:none yet
Your Weakness:head scratching
Your Fears:death, closed spaces, speaking
Your Perfect Pizza:i'm pretty plain.. single topping of either hamburger, canadian bacon, or bbq chicken
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:get healthy
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:i don't really "instant message"
Thoughts First Waking Up:ugh
Your Best Physical Feature:don't think i have one
Your Bedtime:usually 1ish
Your Most Missed Memory:OK Soda
Pepsi or Coke:coke
MacDonalds or Burger King:BK
Single or Group Dates:single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:neither
Chocolate or Vanilla:a mixture of both
Cappuccino or Coffee:cappuccino
Do you Smoke:sometimes
Do you Swear:yup
Do you Sing:i try not to
Do you Shower Daily:i try to
Have you Been in Love:no
Do you want to go to College:i do
Do you want to get Married:heck yeah
Do you belive in yourself:occasionally
Do you get Motion Sickness:not really, no
Do you think you are Attractive:not really, no
Are you a Health Freak:not really, no
Do you get along with your Parents:not rea... yeah i do, very well actually
Do you like Thunderstorms:shityeah
Do you play an Instrument:i wish
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:yes
In the past month have you Smoked:yes
In the past month have you been on Drugs:noooo
In the past month have you gone on a Date:no
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:yeah
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:hell no
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:nope, someday though
In the past month have you been on Stage:naw
In the past month have you been Dumped:naw
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:noooo
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:no
Ever been Drunk:yeah
Ever been called a Tease:oh yes, all of the time. just kidding.
Ever been Beaten up:pushed around, not really beaten up
Ever Shoplifted:no
How do you want to Die:death star trench run
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:a clown
What country would you most like to Visit:japan
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:blue
Favourite Hair Color:brown
Short or Long Hair:short to medium
Height:shorter than i
Weight:doesn't matter
Best Clothing Style:fuck if i know.. is 'nice' a clothing style?
Number of Drugs I have taken:is this still "in a boy/girl?" didn't think so... zero drugs
Number of CDs I own:umm.. probably three hundred or more
Number of Piercings:one
Number of Tattoos:zero
Number of things in my Past I Regret:zero


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and so we start another day together, you and i and a million miles between us [05 Jun 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I have decided that "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" by The Beach Boys is one of my favorite songs of all time, and probably my favorite love song ever written. I don't know, I just identify with it more at this point of my life then I would have years ago. Next to that, I would pick The Beatles' "In My Life." I remember listening to that song as a really small child, as my parents would always listen to The Beatles. I had forgotten about it until I was a senior in high school. When I heard it again for the first time, it was such an interesting feeling. I immediately thought about my childhood, my parents, and my brother. Now when I listen to it, four years out of high school, I think of other things too, like friends and things that have happened since graduating. I love it when music makes me nostalgic, but I hate it because I wish for things that I will never have. Chris Cornell's solo album makes me think about high school, but his song "Disappearing One" is the one that still really gets to me. There are also songs I used to listen to and they made me think back to times past that no longer give me that feeling, and it is kind of sad, but good because I have moved on from those times. The song that comes to mind is "Sweet Avenue," by Jets to Brazil. When I used to hear that, I would be nostalgic about a certain time in my life. Now, I just think about life, love, and everything in between. A lot of Sunny Day Real Estate songs have the ability to take me back to both specific places in time, and also just time itself.. if that makes sense.. I know this entry was very lame and probably doesn't make much sense. But in closing, I'll leave you with lyrics to "Sweet Avenue."

Tasting you and rain, I walk down to the train
Try not to look down
This day could one day be an anniversary
Everything is light and sound

Facing forwards, going slowly, wait for you to show me
Where this train wants to go
Living by the hour, I stop for every flower
Everything is soft and slow
Now all these tastes improve, through the view that comes with you

Like they handed me my life
For the first time it felt right

Thank you for making me see there's a life in me
It was dying to get out
Holding you, we make two spoons beneath and April moon
Everything is soft and sweet

This cigarette it could seduce
A nation with its smoke
Crawling down my tired throat
Scratches part of me that's purring
Softly stirring

I'm a captain of industry, smoking famously
Feet up on the windowsill
Look at all these trees, I feel affinity with
Everything so soft and still

Budding at my fingertips
Touching you I start to bloom
Alive with trains and passing ships
Soft and sweet along your lips now
I go "Oh, wow"

Thank you for taking me from my monastery
I was dying to get out
With tears of gratitude
I like my latitude
Cross town train to you

Now all these tastes improve
Through the view that comes with you

Like they handed me my life, for the first time it felt worth it
Like I deserved it

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[27 May 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I just took a bath. I haven't taken a bath in god knows how long. That's not to say I am not a clean person, which I usually am, it's just that I usually take showers. But it was nice. Pretty relaxing. I just wish I had a bathtub that was big enough for a full sized adult. I just thought I would chime in with that for no reason whatsoever. That is all.

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plugged in and ready to fall... [08 May 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | numb ]

i'm definitally shaking
the silence isn't breaking
backwashed and stranded memories
of something i thought could be.

It's storming out, and it's really nice. I wish I could lay in bed all night and listen to it, but I have to go to work in an hour or so. Doing overnights for a few days. It should be alright, except that I am seriously lacking sleep. Oh well.

Work has been interesting lately. We got a new store manager a few weeks ago, Joe took over has department manager of hardware, and Mike is on vacation for a month. So it's just me and Bruce in my department, and he closes only a few nights a week. Fan-fucking-tastic. I'm working weekends for the next month - which I don't really mind, but I wish they would've found somebody to fill in for Mike and/or replace Joe's spot. But that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I also dislike it when managers tell me I can't do something because of 'company policy,' yet can't explain any logical reasoning for their policy, compared to my idea. It's just kind of ridiculous, but whatever. Other than that, work's going decent.

School is sucking pretty hardcore. I will probably fail both of my classes, which really sucks, but it's my own fault. I don't know why I can't do well in school. Last semister was just as bad. Hmm.

Well that's all I really feel like writing about in here. Hope everybody is doing well.

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</i>i rarely drive steamboats, dad. [25 Apr 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Well I haven't really update here for awhile. Bowno, just been busy for the most part.

Today Mindy and I went to Lifetime and worked out for a few hours. It was a lot of fun, and it's something I'd like to do more often. I don't know if I want to pay the membership fees right now, after what happened to my checking account last week. Long story short, I showed 400 or so in my account, but in actuallity I was 10 in the hole.. that really sucked, that's never ever happened to me before, I fucked up big time. That was really disappointing, but I will bounce back from it eventually.. I guess I just need to pay more attention to what I do.

We went to the Panda Garden Buffet for lunch too, and that was pretty good. It's kinda like that Mandarin Buffet in Coon Rapids. Before that, we were looking for people at work to come in and talk to our Marketing class. It's actually for my group, which people in there said they were going to find people, and then didn't.. which sucked. But Mindy's been super nice and asking people for me at work because I am too shy to do it. It looks like Jake is going to do it though, so that should be hilarious.. he's younger than us, but he's a Department Manager, so it works.

If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be fucked up.

I should be getting my DVD player back Thursday - I had to send that out a few weeks ago because it was broken. I have to send my laptop out soon because it has some annoying pixel problems. My phone fucked up on me two Friday nights ago (the 15th), and I had to get a new one sent to me. I'm just getting some text messages from that weekend and beyond. I might have to send my iPod out again, it's acting shitty. I backed into my brother's car a few nights ago, that really blew, now I have some dents and scrapes in the side of my car. There's no point in getting mad about these little things, just deal with them and move on. It's just stuff, and none of it really matters and I would be just fine without it.

Thank you so much to everybody who came up to Cloud for my birthday, it meant a lot, and I had a lot of fun, and I hope you guys did too! I'm sorry for not getting ahold of everybody that I should have, I really, really fucked up on that one.

You should never tell someone they have a nice dimple, because, maybe they were shot in the face with a BB gun.

I spent my night sleeping and reading a book. My parents pretty much live downstairs, and come up occasionly to get some food, and my brother is rarely home, so it's pretty much just me up here, and I feel really alone sometimes, mainly at night. They are going back down to Arizona in a few weeks, so it's going to be really quiet around here then.

I'm really bored, so I apologize for writing an excessive amount of .. crap? Is that the right word?

My house is infested with koala bears. It's the cutest infestation ever - way better than cochroaches. When I turn on the light, a bunch of koala bears scatter, and I don't want 'em too. I'm like "hey, hold on fellas, let me hold one of you.. and feed you a leaf."

Is 11pm too late for dinner? Bowno, I should really make something to eat though because I am very hungry.

Alright this is getting ridic-a-lous, so I'm gonna go.

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</i>"I think pickles are cucumbers that sold out." [03 Apr 2005|11:38pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I had an enjoyable weekend, despite the fact that I was pretty sick throughout the whole of it. Friday night Mindy, Mel, Bob, Jimmy and myself went to Friday's, and then went bowling. When we got to bowling is when I started to feel really sick. But, I did bowl my best game ever, which was 149 - I think, somewhere around there.

Saturday we went out to eat, and then hung out at my house for awhile. Mel brought over Scene It? which turned out to be a lot of fun! I hope we can play that again soon!

Today I just tried to do my best to rest. I had lunch with Mindy, and had some delicious LeAnn Chin's. Good food, I need to eat their more often! I played my Star Wars Lego game for my PS2 - don't laugh, it's actually really fun! And that's about all I did.

I was supposed to work overnights this week, starting tonight, but that didn't happen. The reason they wanted me to do it was so I could "teach" the overnight stockers how to do their fucking jobs, basically. I'd been feeling terrible all day, and didn't really feel like going. But I got ready, and started driving there, only to come to the conclusion that I really did not feel like doing that. So I called them and said that I was just going to work my normal schedule. They should be okay with that, and even if they aren't.. I don't really care. To begin with, it was a pointless thing to do. Sure, the overnighters might learn how to work frieght better.. but that will only last a few weeks, then it will fall back to shit again. Plus I'm sick and probably would've made myself worse by going.

I don't know if anyone knows who comedian Mitch Hedberg is, but he died last week at the age of 37. Click here for some info on him. He was a very funny man, check out some of his work if you get a chance.

Now I'm laying in bed. I just took some NyQuil (the kind that tastes like green), so I'm hoping to be out here shortly. God I love NyQuil.

Well I hope everyone has a good day! l8r.

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</i>dangerous and disturbing, this puzzle is [30 Mar 2005|09:18am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

There's something really nice about waking up to the first rainshower/storm of the year. It's even better when I have the day off. Very relaxing. I'm sitting in bed as I do this, listening to the rain fall. To half quote a movie I finally got to see last night, 'I don't mean to sound like a queer or nothing', but I love the smell of rain! The movie was Orgazmo, and it was really funny, and I can't believe I didn't see it years ago.

When I picked it up though, it wouldn't play on my DVD player.. it would play on every other one in our house.. but not mine. So I returned it for a new one, and still same thing. So I have a brand new broken DVD player.. arrgh

I realized that with all of the 'high tech' shit I've bought over the past year or two, I think pretty much everything I got has stopped working at one point or another.. I love technology, but not as much as I love you... but I still love technology...

I'm pretty sure this is fast becoming the lamest post I've ever done. And I have a lot of lame posts. This is what happens when I never update!

So, alright, anything else new or exciting?

Jimmy, Kendra! I tried to get Weezer tickets, but they sold out right away! I can't say I'm too surprised, since they were playing at First Avenue, which isn't a big place.. but when they come back to a bigger venue I'll get some good tickets for sure.

Blah blah blah, school sucks, work is okay. I hate my boss, but who doesn't.

Had a good weekend, for the most part. Saturday was pretty fun I thought. I was sober cab for Joe and Jeremy so they could go to the Kenny Chensey (spelling?) concert.. When Mindy and I picked them up... wow.. they were interesting. We picked up a friend from work, Gina, and went to meet up with Bob, Mel, Jimmy, and Holli at Doyle's where my parents hang out. It was actually a lot of fun, it's too bad I couldn't get there sooner. That's proabably the last time that'll happen because of the new bullshit smoking law, and my parents being smokers won't be going out to bars if they can't smoke. But yeah, that night was interesting.. boy, does my Dad like to sing and dance... yeeeaaah..

The funny thing about that was you had to be 21 to be in the bar (Gina wasn't), and my parents are regulars there, so my mom went up to the bartender and said that her son and a bunch of his friends were going to stop by, and they're all 21, and he didn't really care. My mom is awesome.

Easter was really good! I went bowling with Mindy's family and did very terrible! But it was fun. We had brunch at her uncle and aunt's, who have a really fucking nice house, and more importantly, a full size pool table. Mindy kicked my sorry ass in pool. But it was a good good time.

Alright, I'm gonna go ... do nothing.. so take care!

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=w= [21 Mar 2005|07:26pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

=weezer= may third at first ave... who's comin' with me??

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